Chelsea Decorators Standard terms and conditions.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing by Chelsea Decorators these conditions, which supersede any earlier sets of conditions appearing in the company’s estimate or elsewhere, shall override any terms and conditions stipulated, incorporated or referred to by the client, whether in estimate or in any negotiations, even if contained in a document which purports to provide that rival terms shall prevail.

Variation of conditions
Any variations to this contract and any special terms will only be effected if set out in a printed format issued only by Mr Roy Moulton, proprietor of Chelsea Decorators (hereinafter referred to as “The Proprietor”). Only he is authorised to make any representations to this contract or any matter relating to it.

This contract document shall be construed according to and governed by English law and shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction of the English courts.

One third of the estimated cost is to be paid in advance. This payment is due on arrival of our confirmation letter indicating our intended start date. This payment is to secure and allocate you a time for us to carry out the work. No time slot will be allocated until this payment is received. Please be aware that the original time slot may no longer be available but we will book your work in as soon as we can. A payment instalment may be required at any stage of the project if requested by the proprietor. This payment will never be more than the percentage of work undertaken to date, and includes sums already paid e.g. deposit. We will provide you with an invoice. Payment should be made immediately.

Chelsea Decorators will invoice you once all work is complete and any snagging list is concluded. You must pay all sums due to us without any set off, deductions, counterclaim and/or withholding of monies. All costs shall be accepted in good faith.

Seven-day terms apply. Please note any damages you may claimed will be processed through our liability insurance. No moneys shall be deducted from the final invoice.
Chelsea Decorators exercises the right to claim interest and compensation for any debt recovery costs incurred under current late payment legislation and will instruct our debt collection agency immediately if payment is not received.

Commencement and duration
The contract shall not come into effect until we have sent you your confirmation of order and an allocated time slot. Once accepted by you, and the deposit is paid, the contract will become effective.

Employee working conditions
The proprietor exercises the right to refuse to estimate for any work, which he judges may lead to unsatisfactory working conditions for any employee.
The proprietor, or any member of staff, holds the right to remove any personnel from the site, if at any time a member of staff has bean abused physically or verbally by a client, or any other member of society. Under these circumstances, you will have to pay in full for all work carried out and materials purchased to that date.

Chelsea Decorators is a non-discriminatory business and will not tolerate any type of discrimination against any employee undertaking the work.
All employees shall be under the jurisdiction of the proprietor and shall only take his working orders. All other decisions, requests or amendments to the contract shall be put to the proprietor first before any such operations are carried out.
Every effort will be made to replace an employee if he/she is unable to attend due to sickness or any other reason. On occasions this may not be possible but Chelsea Decorators will make every effort to continue operations expeditiously.

Damage to work
Chelsea Decorators will not be held responsible for damage/marks/dust to any of the decorating that is not the fault of Chelsea Decorators. If such damage/marks/dust are to be repaired by Chelsea Decorators, the client will be advised of any extra cost, which must be paid for before such work is undertaken.

Other trades
Where any work undertaken by other trades has affected our work, the cost to rectify will be the responsibility of the client.

Fixture and Fittings
All furniture should be removed from working areas before our arrival, or otherwise moved into the middle of rooms. Any objects that cannot be moved will be covered up with the appropriate sheeting. Please advise us in advance if any heavy object needs to be moved by us. The client should remove all fragile or vulnerable items, and all cupboards and drawers should preferably be left empty.

Extra operations of work
Chelsea Decorators will not be responsible for carrying out any work other than that stated on the original estimate and specification document. If you wish to add extra operations of work then this will be at extra cost, which will be estimated and submitted in writing. Such work will not be undertaken until you agree the full amount, and pay one third of this cost in advance, if requested by the proprietor.

Unforeseen circumstances
Chelsea Decorators holds the right to charge for any extra work that was unforeseen and not included in the original estimate. We will inform you of any extra costs at the earliest opportunity, and the full cost will be submitted in writing. This will not become payable until snagging is complete and a final invoice is produced.

All estimates given by Chelsea Decorators are valid for 30 days only.

Cancellation by notice or cancellation
Cancellation of the contract must be made in writing. Please note if you cancel the project you will lose your deposit outright.

Separate terms
If any terms in this contact cannot be enforced, this will not affect the remaining terms.
Any quote or estimate is subject to revision if there are any changes to the nature or extent of the requested work. This may apply to both labour and materials. However the quote will not be amended without consultation with you.

These terms and conditions are non-negotiable at all times and once signed stand as a legal binding document.